She looked out standing high on the highest Heath in the forest. It felt like it was hers. The whole forest. After having been there like4 times. This is the problem with humans. Anyway, She observed the deer ,once grazing , now leaping to the nearest escape route because it had been spotted. The deer was not overly light on its many feet either, so it was quite easy to follow. With stick in hand to fend off predators, and trusty killer hound she set off to stalk the majestic creature.
Upon stalking, the forest queen came upon a carcass. Some white material on the floor, on closer inspection, she discovered a spine and a skull, probably of a passing by sheep but, she assures me it was human remains. Everyone was sceptical.
Anyway, forest queen has now decided that stalk was pointless as there was no implement to kill said deer, and no real pressing need, so she left it and observed the morning sun for a few moments. The forest smell was a comforting one, and similarly the sound of the forest was rather joyful at this time of morning, which was around 7am
She decided she was wasting her life waking at 12, coming to life at 1 and forming coherent sentences at 2, but sadly she knew she would recede into her old ways all too easily, which was rather distressing.
It was night now, and the wise girl with pupils dilated, so as to take in as much light as possible, looked up at the sky. Her mind filled with wonder as there were a lot of eyes staring back at her. Maybe, probably. Anyway, there were loads of stars, and this is one thing that the wise girl loved to see. Almost every night, if she could be bothered , she just had to look up to the sky to see how insignificant she was, and how it did not matter that she had been wearing the same trousers for over a week, even if they were very muddy because she had fallen over attempting to shortcut a path.
The brightest ones are the planets, mars, glowing a bit red, and Jupiter was around too. It did make her think though, the brightest, most big lights were the planets, the ones we know most about and get the most attention, whereas, it was probably the billions of lights she could not see due to light pollution that carried the most unanswered questions.
You could liken that to humans somehow , but I don’t want to right now.

I was look ing at horoscopes, and,yeah, whle I don’t believe that there can be much truth in them, I always am intrigued to know what they will say but I KNOW that they are not true but I really like them
But I just don’t see how there can be ‘perfect love matching signs’ etcetc