Deer shed
Got there. Journey like t35 mons not bad not bad
Set tent
It’s about 1
After two attempts teamwork prevailed,
Sun burning
We are crisps
Wait for ticket
Emma is stressing cos she faked her age to save 60 
No one is bothered as I already know.
We went to the main bit.
Commence music,
I think the first people were bleech
It was nice to be reacquainted with the bass that shakes ur bones
So I went to the front bar. To leave my ears in the car and get them back on sunday
They were pretty cool actually , good guitar, good bass, just loud stuff.
I wrote down just after it….killer. Cos Emma said cool and I misheard.
So.. Next…
Woman’s hour
It was really nice. Main singer just was cool
I made a straw man
Wrote down spicy flowers… I’m not sure why
All we are-afar. Mediocre
PINS - rocin at the front too
They were good yes. But I think I liked them more on the singles I was listening to. Lyric content weren’t that good. Sound in this place wasn’t that good either
Wolf Alice- realised I only knew 16 so sweet
This is the thing I can’t get words quickly
They were good she threw lollies and I got one bit it bounced out of my hand and this girl stood on it just as I was gonna get it
Wrote down- interactive
TOY- I can’t read what I wrote. Oh! It says generic
Scroobious pip// mini raves look menial from afar, I couldn’t be bothered with raving
British sea power- we could not understand why they were hyped. Went in crowd to try and see WOTH their eyes, cot more confused.
WD- nondescript confusion
Just a disclaimer, what I wrote down was one word or so just after the gig cos at is e true fiend rith there.

So, onto the nest day where there were so many more prospects
Was freezing btw.

Oh what a beautiful morning oh what a beautiful day I’ve got a wonderful feeling everything’s going my ITS 5:30 WHY IS THe SUN HERE
So after that night of hell, I have had worse, but , after that we are on with the day
Slow starts though everyone surfaced slowly
I got my little stove out ant was like a proper chef
Beans woop

Went in a shade sun. Was burning at 9:30 we sat in silence for an hour on settees .

Lowpines / suprising soul refresh
Looking back that prob meant boring
The fauns/ did not rate, too similar to 2014 bit boring
Happyness / bronze gem. They stood out. They were really good. 90s 90s
Samantha Crain / y’all nice. Nice voice
PAWS/ wanted to see these they were great. Jump jump jump and mosh head
We were evergreen// after having seen them two years ago at the same place it was nice to see them again (well 3rd time) // amazon a+fest recognise from will fab n mic! we were going a bit crazy singing xylophone solos and doing our dance routine! it was dancy tho. Got a big crowd
Cate le bon/ cleaross? Solo riff sect merit true???? Not sure what all this means but I thought she was really really great mega great
She deserved more
She was really great
Johnny marr// classic privilege. Amazing, after having qualms about liking the smiths with their avid hipsterdom following I was a bit sceptical and lwondered If he renounced those ways anyway, but he hadn’t I am the sunnnnn and the airrrrr luckily I always listen to audio when it comes up on mytumblr dash and I was suprised I knew stuff.
Very good. The crowd loved it. It was all older ppl.
Nordic giants// this looked like it was good but We both got a bit stressy and panicky in the tent so we went

Slept welll yay namaste
So it’s the end.
I deconstructed tent and ate a lonely porridge at the side of the road, I’m sure it always makes me queasy and I only had water so there was a feeling of regret in my stomach
Emma came back from beoga yoga somewhat unimpressed and we packed our shit into the car. Then we went to see bands. Forward thinking
Keston cobblers club // very nice. I wrote down mumford and fun. Make of that what you will
They got ppl to dance at 10 though so all credit really.
Lyla foy//a bit lana del , ethreal, so went somewhere else
John smith// staple?? Some nice picky stuff, not as predictable as one may think, tbh rachel is better
Good guitar tho.and nice person
Georgia Ruth//felt sorry as rained on her parade(or harp) mass exodus to shelter but we stuck by .twas nice

Slow club// fun+groove skill. Nice songs nice banter nice hair nice faces
Stornoway// v.good, could not hear voice quality too well tho, so , but was nice for the ones that I know off the debut. Was good but not the best

Bought some donuts and went home
Then got lost going home and was keeping it cool driving I swore to smash the expletive satnav
I’m back in an exhausted state and I’ve got a holiday tomorrow.